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R I P Malcolm McClaren

I’ve read a lot of interesting stories about him in the past few days. He certainly was a colorful character, to say the least. He was, perhaps, more ahead of his time than we will ever realize. I always wanted to learn how to double dutch, and our square dancing was never like this.


Were you here in 1991, dancing?

Check out a clip I totally randomly found yesterday on this very cool site, Crap We Like. Those were the days! The hair, the outfits, that Binghamton groooove! I can’t seem to remember where Scandals was. A Google search puts it over on State Street, where Flashbacks is now. If anyone knows where it was for sure, leave a comment.

Put a Penny in Your Loafer and Make a Wish…

Back in 1980, a little book called “The Preppy Handbook” came out. I was 9, and somehow convinced my parents to fork over the $3.95 cover price for a copy. Something made me think it was a necessary read. As I just am flipping through it now, all bent and dog-eared, it’s all coming back to me. It seemed the ideal lifestyle to aspire to. Apparently, I thought I was going to come into some money at some point. Age unappropriateness aside, I think what dazzled me were the fashions –  different enough from our good, old St. John’s navy blue parochial school uniforms; but tame enough to skip out of the house in to have a good time. Put pink and green together (cha cha!) and there’s bound to be some trouble! Well, now there’s a sequel coming out. Really, how have we gone without one? Perhaps that will be what I need to ease into 40 with grace and style…

(Thanks, Daily Beast!)


Grey IS the new blonde…

Ok, here’s a trend most of us are destined for. Some will fight it; others will take it as it comes. Kate Moss knows where it’s at.

Go Kate!