You’ll Remember These Dates

It’s already April, and my hopes for a bustling year-long Holiday Craftspectacular have sort of fizzled. I’m not giving up, but you know how it is – it will be December before we know it, and I won’t have gotten anything done (at all, not to mention early). Well, here is something that would totally work now, this time of year, for next year… SeptemberHouse’s 2011 DIY Calendar Panels! I ordered a 2010 one as a Christmas present last December for my mom. Wow. I thought it was cute, would be a nice crafty gift, but WOW! You have to see these. She finished the back and top in patchwork. She embroidered/circled a few special dates and hung it with a dowel.

They come with all the months/dates printed, on 100% cotton, ready to DIY. You’ve got the top, sides, bottom and back to do whatever you what. The possibilities are just so endless, it’s almost hard to describe. Am I rambling? You really need to see these. Corinne has more finishing ideas here.

Just got next year’s for a Mother’s Day gift this year. This will be a work of art by 2011! And they come impeccably packaged, ready to gift.

My words don’t do these justice. She  has other great items in her shop, and has a cool blog. Support this great ETSY seller!


One response to “You’ll Remember These Dates

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