Holiday Craftspectacular 2010

Because Christmas comes and goes so quick every year.

Toile Embroidery Ornament

I saw this one at Kmart’s today, 75% off; part of the faaabulous Martha Stewart Collection. BUT, what if you got some toile, did a little embroidery – nothing complicated, maybe some beads and sequins (maybe not) – might be nice. And, it might be cute in the shape of a heart, maybe as a sachet or something.

Plaid Shirt Ornaments

Here’s one to start things off. From Eddie Ross, of Martha Stewart…Bravo…Etsy…HGTV…

Check out his devilish grin. He’s thinking, “Boy, I bet you wish you thought of this.” Really good idea. He’s a smart one. I’ll have to follow him more. Maybe for other holidays? Red – Valentine’s Day, green – St. Pat’s Day.

Get it?

Oh Dear, Deer Head

I’ve seen similar ones around, but they tended to be a bit pricey. The cutting might be a bit tricky, but with a strong and steady hand, the possibilities are endless. How about a generic one to decorate? A Year of Deer!


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