Sunday Night…

Another weekend has come and gone, but at least spring has finally arrived here in upstate New York. We still may get snow, but a taste of spring is what we needed. Sorry for the lack of posts. My bookmarks, notes and desktop items to blog about are piling up. Here’s to a good week ahead!

Work-wise, I think I am headed for an all-time low in my 17 year career as a graphic designer. I saw this in the paper today and feel the need to post it somewhere in my workspace. Maybe it will help. Or else just putting it up will make me feel better. Calmer. Namaste.

St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, but I did get some cool suggestions of other Irish blogs.

Aideen’s blog, i like local*, was featured in my St. Patrick’s Day post. She is a  writer and designer based in Ireland, and passionate about the promotion of design and architecture. Her blog was recently included in House & Home Magazine’s Irish Hot 100 and is a finalist in the Irish Blog Awards 2010. Congrats, Aideen, and thanks for the following links…


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