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Read this while you’re outside crying-

This was a great, quick read. I admit, I was first sucked into her Bravo show. She has an abundance of great advice and shares things she learned the hard way. Call it empowering, kick-ass and spiritual all at the same time. Read it and she becomes part of your tribe. And, also coming from upstate NY, her perspective is a unique one. Lots of it is just common sense, but we do need Kell on Earth to tell us some things.

If you’re related to me, most likely you’ll be getting this as a gift.


Put a Penny in Your Loafer and Make a Wish…

Back in 1980, a little book called “The Preppy Handbook” came out. I was 9, and somehow convinced my parents to fork over the $3.95 cover price for a copy. Something made me think it was a necessary read. As I just am flipping through it now, all bent and dog-eared, it’s all coming back to me. It seemed the ideal lifestyle to aspire to. Apparently, I thought I was going to come into some money at some point. Age unappropriateness aside, I think what dazzled me were the fashions –  different enough from our good, old St. John’s navy blue parochial school uniforms; but tame enough to skip out of the house in to have a good time. Put pink and green together (cha cha!) and there’s bound to be some trouble! Well, now there’s a sequel coming out. Really, how have we gone without one? Perhaps that will be what I need to ease into 40 with grace and style…

(Thanks, Daily Beast!)

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Hello, NY – good-bye OC. Here’s all you need to know for tonight!

I hope Jill has a kick-ass season. Go Team Jill!

I don’t know about the rest of them. Sounds like they all have their own stuff going on, but every time I see Ramona, this is who I think of…

Grey IS the new blonde…

Ok, here’s a trend most of us are destined for. Some will fight it; others will take it as it comes. Kate Moss knows where it’s at.

Go Kate!