St. Patrick’s Week!

With this Wednesday being St. Patrick’s Day, I thought an interesting post would be to focus on some cool Irish blogs. (Hopefully that doesn’t translate into a cheesey American thing to do.) Here are a few that I’ve found. Maybe they will pass on their homegrown favorites in the days to come…

Ireland is well represented on Etsy. Just visit Etsy Ireland and see!

Making Time makes well of her time. Great felted pieces!

Irish with French flair – Dandelion Daydreamer – very cool – you need to check this one out!

I already LustCovetEnvy a lot on here!

i like local* – we all should. the world would be a better place.

And, on an unrelated note, if you’ve never heard of Unhappy Hipsters, go there. Now.


3 responses to “St. Patrick’s Week!

  1. Cool! Thanks a mil for featuring Dandelion Daydreamer 🙂 Have a nice Sunday x

  2. Thank for the mention Jenn : )

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