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Music Monday…

If you caught Friday night’s Hope for Haiti Benefit, you may have noticed someone singing with Justin Timberlake. I thought he looked familiar. So I went to iTunes today to see if those songs were available for download. They are. I’m not a huge JT fan (but I’m not *not* a fan) but I did want to see who was with him. Performing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” (1984), he was joined by Matt Morris and Charlie Sexton. A-ha! Charlie Sexton! Depending on how old you are, you may remember he had a hit in 1985 with Beat’s So Lonely”.

I had that record album and cassette single, and MTV played his videos over and over again. I think I had a button of him on my jean jacket. Well, I did a little research and it turns out Charlie’s been a busy guy since then. A part of the cool Austin scene, he’s also a songwriter, producer, played backup for Bob Dylan, plus, a band he formed in in the early 90’s got back together last year- The Arc Angels. And if this performance with JT was any indication of his year to come, it will be a good one!

But, I did have another point here. The songs from Friday night’s Hope for Haiti Benefit are available on iTunes, and proceeds go towards helping Haiti.

Check out retromusicsnob.blogspot.com for more information on Charlie Sexton, plus lots of other cool stuff. Great site – you’ll want to bookmark it.