Sunday Night…

Another weekend has come and gone, but at least spring has finally arrived here in upstate New York. We still may get snow, but a taste of spring is what we needed. Sorry for the lack of posts. My bookmarks, notes and desktop items to blog about are piling up. Here’s to a good week ahead!

Work-wise, I think I am headed for an all-time low in my 17 year career as a graphic designer. I saw this in the paper today and feel the need to post it somewhere in my workspace. Maybe it will help. Or else just putting it up will make me feel better. Calmer. Namaste.

St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, but I did get some cool suggestions of other Irish blogs.

Aideen’s blog, i like local*, was featured in my St. Patrick’s Day post. She is a  writer and designer based in Ireland, and passionate about the promotion of design and architecture. Her blog was recently included in House & Home Magazine’s Irish Hot 100 and is a finalist in the Irish Blog Awards 2010. Congrats, Aideen, and thanks for the following links…


St. Patrick’s Week!

With this Wednesday being St. Patrick’s Day, I thought an interesting post would be to focus on some cool Irish blogs. (Hopefully that doesn’t translate into a cheesey American thing to do.) Here are a few that I’ve found. Maybe they will pass on their homegrown favorites in the days to come…

Ireland is well represented on Etsy. Just visit Etsy Ireland and see!

Making Time makes well of her time. Great felted pieces!

Irish with French flair – Dandelion Daydreamer – very cool – you need to check this one out!

I already LustCovetEnvy a lot on here!

i like local* – we all should. the world would be a better place.

And, on an unrelated note, if you’ve never heard of Unhappy Hipsters, go there. Now.

Sunday Stuff

One of the many reasons I started this blog was to substitute this for the many, many emails I send out with the subject: “look at this link!”. I automatically still go to send an email or Facebook post much of the time. Here’s one that I caught in time and thought somebody else might dig it, too. More to come! is having a textile design contest, and for this week, it’s a science or math theme. The entries are all cool and I’m sure my cousin *am* could explain their scientific meanings. If you’ve never checked out Spoonflower, you should!


Hello, NY – good-bye OC. Here’s all you need to know for tonight!

I hope Jill has a kick-ass season. Go Team Jill!

I don’t know about the rest of them. Sounds like they all have their own stuff going on, but every time I see Ramona, this is who I think of…

Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

It’s another Lenten Friday. I still haven’t given anything up. Here are two cool things that would brighten up your home and one item that would help you sell it. No matter what time of year it is, these accessories would always fit right in.

Jesus, what time is it?

Check out Studio Mango’s link here plus an interview with them.

You always need another place to rest your weary head.

And Mama Madonna loves a sale!

It’s like having your very own heavenly choir of real estate agents!

Hey – you never know…


A few sweet things…

Who does all this awesome stuff for a party? Who CAN, is the question. Somebody who works for Martha Stewart. Sigh. Take a look at all the little things she has designed for parties here. Perfectly cool. Really makes you rethink the idea of a party favor, slackers.

If that wasn’t enough to knock your socks off, how about this?

And, a way to perk up the dreary landscapes during this long winter…  artist Pete Dungey’s pothole gardens, via A Cup of Jo.

Carry on.

Lenten Parking Intervention

I can’t give up coffee, candy or chocolate. That would be disastrous. I am a graphic designer; they are my tools. BUT, I can show something cool every Friday to brighten up your Lent.

We can all use a little help now and then…