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Read this while you’re outside crying-

This was a great, quick read. I admit, I was first sucked into her Bravo show. She has an abundance of great advice and shares things she learned the hard way. Call it empowering, kick-ass and spiritual all at the same time. Read it and she becomes part of your tribe. And, also coming from upstate NY, her perspective is a unique one. Lots of it is just common sense, but we do need Kell on Earth to tell us some things.

If you’re related to me, most likely you’ll be getting this as a gift.



Hello, NY – good-bye OC. Here’s all you need to know for tonight!

I hope Jill has a kick-ass season. Go Team Jill!

I don’t know about the rest of them. Sounds like they all have their own stuff going on, but every time I see Ramona, this is who I think of…

SuperBowl Sunday, SweetDeSignRelief Style

Puppy Bowl VI!

Check your local listings for Animal Planet today… the Puppy Bowl is on! Crazy concept… the camera under the water bowl is my favorite. Lucie and Liz are parked on the couch ready for the action! All the pups are from Petfinder – remember, there are so many good dogs that need homes.