Bring Cupmen to America!

I recently came across these “Cupmen”. After you pour your boiling water in your cup-o-noodles, fold the lid back down and pop this guy on top and watch him as he changes color. As he keeps the top down, he turns white when your noodles are ready. Wow – how have we lived without these? I can’t believe Cupmen aren’t all over here in the US. I emailed Japanese designer Akira Mabuchi, and he was nice enough to write back and hint that they would be coming our way in the future. I want one of these now, and just think what cool presents they would make. Who doesn’t love cup-o-noodles?

Check out Akira’s site as well as this one for more cool stuff!


3 responses to “Bring Cupmen to America!

  1. Yes! I agree, we want cupmen in America, how cute and essential this novelty is!! I ♥ cup of noodles!

  2. Ohoh- love! Maybe they will come to Alaska first – through some crazy fluke. I will let you know!

  3. I ate cup noddles all the way,
    excited about you writing about cup men…

    smart and insightful post.

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